Races of Paris Marathons

That’s it ! It’s D-Day ! The 43rd Paris Marathon (Schneider Electric Paris Marathon) is now ! Are you ready to run the famous 42.195 km ? On this page, we will give you all the information to better experience the race !

Before embarking on the Paris 2019 marathon, do not forget to check the practical information to prepare your race !

The Paris Marathon

Where does the 2019 Paris Marathon pass ?

The 43rd Paris Marathon looks a lot like the previous year, with a few minor modifications. The route is perhaps not the easiest in the world, but crossing the beautiful city of Paris without traffic is a unique experience. The circuit that will realize the athletes was thought to visit the city of light, passing by mythical places or in front of famous monuments.

The characteristics of the Paris 2019 Marathon (about the elevation gain)

The Schneider Electric Paris Marathon is not flat, and that’s where the difficulty comes from. The median elevation gain is positive (30m for the lowest point at 60m for the highest point of the race). Fatigue comes from repeated efforts between rises, falls and uphill false flats

The first 21 kilometers of the 2019 Paris Marathon

Adrenaline is here! You have prepared months for this event. 3,2,1 GO !

Watch out !

The euphoria of the race can make you make some small mistakes, that you risk paying cash! It is often at this moment of the race that athletes lose precious minutes on their time! The start of the Champs Elysees is slightly false downhill. Many runners tend to accelerate unconsciously and therefore go faster than their marathon pace. Also be careful not to get caught up in the crowd and stay focused on your pace. It is important from the first kilometers to manage your effort and therefore your stamina !

Do not stress or get upset, the crowd will be dense. Rest assured, you will recover those lost seconds as the pack begins to stretch. The goal is to keep a maximum of your energy for the rest of the race.

From km2 to km8 : the race is launched !

The key stage of the start has passed and you can start running freely and coping with your performance during your workouts. During the first 6 kilometers, you will go up the Rivoli street, pass the Louvre and Place de la Bastille. Enjoy all these Parisian places; the road is pretty flat and it’s beautiful ! Direction Place Vendome and Opera Garnier for the continuation of the visit of Paris.

When you arrive at rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine, at km7, you will take a right turn and face the first coast, rue de Reuilly. So be careful on this portion that is about 1.2km. It is a progressive coast so the top is more complicated. Measure your effort and feel free to lower the pace. You will always be able to raise once you have passed the summit; there is the descent where you regain the few seconds saved during the climb. Be careful not to force too much !

From km9 to km21 : Place to the Bois de Vincennes !

Once the Reuilly street past, you will feel the wings grow and find the portion of the Bois de Vincennes simpler. Beware because the alternation between ups and downs can tire you faster than you think! Ambience level, the passage in the Bois de Vincennes is much quieter and you can concentrate more on your stride.

At the height of the km20, you return to Paris and calm leaves room for noisy fanfares and the public, 250 000 fans will always be there to support you! Small adrenaline rush that makes us unconsciously accelerate. But be careful not to overdo it !

The last 21 kilometers of the 2019 Paris Marathon

You did half the course, well! Now, we must continue on your pace and not lower the pace !

From km22 to km33 : continuation of the race on the quays and passage through the tunnels !

The advantage here is that this part of the race is flat. You can then gauge and take stock mid-course. Accelerate if you feel fit ? Maintain pace to ensure? It’s up to you to decide on your race, but remember to run loose to approach the underground part with serenity !

You will arrive quickly at the Tunnel des Tuileries. It is quite special because it is nearly a kilometer long and it is quite disturbing to run in the dark, especially when the sun is out during the marathon! Your sight may be affected and you may also have that feeling of running out of air. But do not panic, you are not alone and the atmosphere is good. Try to keep your pace and stay focused as the recovery of this tunnel is complicated. Then follows several smaller tunnels, which alternate between descents and climbs. These tunnels will draw you into your resources. Be careful not to force too much !

From km34 to km41 : the difficult part of the marathon and passage in the Bois de Boulogne

Everyone has already heard about the kilometer 34 of the Paris Marathon! It is a short climb of about 300 meters, Boulevard Exalmens. But it’s only an appetizer ! The sequel is boulevard Suchet where a 500 meter coast awaits you (3% average with passages over 5%). The most difficult part is that this difficult stage comes in three-quarters of the race, where the body has already drawn from these reserves. But be strong ! It’s a bad time to pass but your pride after passing this coast is priceless! Do not force yourself because you will exhaust yourself. There is still 8km to go in the Bois de Boulogne.

This part in the shade will allow you to recover because it is a long fake flat descending nearly 4km. That’s when you have to self-motivate yourself and not let go. You can also improve your time on this portion of the race, if your mind and your legs allow you to !

Around km39, the last three can be complicated because it’s a fake flat amount but it’s time to do violence and give everything ! You will have to do a lot of mental work. You have already gone through many more complicated steps during this marathon. We must not let go ! Go !

Last kilometer : heading for the finish !

The Porte Dauphine makes its appearance and the roundabout indicates the km42 ! You are there ! It remains a hundred meters and direction avenue Foch for the finish ! Oddly enough, an adrenaline rush will make you grow wings and you will go through these last strides with head full of emotions ! Congratulations, you have passed your marathon! Congratulations !

Feeding stations for the 2019 Paris Marathon

On the route, there are 9 feeding stations, all strategically located. Here is the list :

  • 6.4 km on the right side of the road, Rue de Lyon
  • 12.9 km on the right, Esplanade Saint-Louis
  • 17.5 km on the left, avenue de Gravelle
  • 22 km on the right, avenue Daumesnil
  • 27 km on the left, Quai des Tuileries
  • 29.8 km on the right, Warsaw Square
  • 34,5 km on the left, boulevard Suchet
  • 38.4 km on the left, Longchamp alley
  • 42,2km on arrival, Avenue Foch

Please respect the waste management. When you finish a banana or a bottle of water, different bins are available for sorting. The refueling points are long (about 160 meters). It is therefore not necessary to rush to the first stands. Throughout the course, you will find water, bananas, sugar, dried fruits, gingerbread, pretzels or even TUC. On arrival, you will be offered fruits such as apples or oranges, and Stimium MC3 recovery bars.

Paris Breakfast Run

Paris Breakfast Run : what is it ?

This is THE rendez-vous to stretch your legs before the big race! Organized on Saturday, the race extends over 5 kilometers. It is an untimed course so the goal is really to have fun, to meet other runners! It is also an opportunity to involve the youngest, because the Paris Breakfast Run welcomes all people from 12 years.

The race is a good excuse to discover all the beauty of the Parisian city.

The route of the Paris Breakfast Run

The route starts from the Rue de l’Amiral de Coligny and ends at Place Joffre. During the tour, you will be able to contemplate Parisian monuments such as the Louvre Museum or the Eiffel Tower! A race exclusively on the Quai Anatole France, the Quai d’Orsay and Quai Branly, along the Seine. The arrival is facing the great Iron Lady, the centerpiece of the heritage of the French capital: the Eiffel Tower, of course!

To get to Paris Breakfast Run, nothing more simple. The departure is close to the metro station Louvre-Rivoli (Line number 1). Once the race is over, go to Ecole Militaire metro station (Line 8).

Paris Breakfast Run info +

  • Departure time: 9:00 am
  • € 12 per person
  • Registration:

When you are registered, you will have to get the green T-shirt of the Paris Breakfast Run, which will be your bib! It is therefore mandatory to wear it. It can be picked up at the “Paris Breakfast Run” stand located on the Salon du Running (Parc des Expositions Porte de Versailles, Hall n ° 1, 75015 Paris) on the following dates and times:

  • Thursday 11 April: 15:00 – 21:00
  • Friday, April 12: 10:00 – 20:00
  • Warning: no t-shirts will be distributed on Saturday, April 13th.

Be careful however to the organization that can be modified or canceled with the movement of the yellow vests

Pitch Marathoon’s

Pitch Marathoon’s : what is it ?

These are three races reserved for juniors so that they can taste the pleasure of running ! A host of activities are planned on the spot so that our little runners can have fun too !

The course of Pitch Marathoon’s, marked out and security, takes its quarters on the Champ de Mars to the Eiffel Tower.

Pitch Marathoon’s info +

The three starts of the races are given according to the age of the children:

  • 15h: 5-6 years – Little Marathooniens – about 1,2km
  • 15h20: 7-8 years – Middle Marathoonians – about 1.6km
  • 15h40: 8-10 years – Great Marathooniens – about 2km

Free registration

Once the registration is validated, you will have to remove the bib on the Pitch stand at the Salon du Running (Hall 1 – Porte de Versailles – 75015 Paris):

  • Thursday, April 11 from 15h to 21h
  • Friday, April 12 from 10h to 21h
  • Saturday, April 13 from 9h to 11h

You are not available? No problem ! Last appointment on Saturday from 14h on the Village of the event, in front of the Ecole Militaire (Place Joffre 75007 Paris).

Be careful however to the organization that can be modified or canceled with the movement of the yellow vests.


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