Paris Participant’s Guide

This is the first time you participate in the Paris Marathon? Or are you a regular? a fan ? An occasional runner in search of surpassing oneself? A confirmed athlete? Do you run alone or in a team? For you, a solidarity cause or your company?

Are you going to run? Are you a friend or a family member? Are you going to encourage an athlete? You will follow the race on TV?

You are in the right place ! Find all the necessary practical information related to the 2019 Paris Marathon!


Registration for the Paris Marathon

Registration for the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon is now closed. The last chances for you to get your bib are:

  • Join the runners in solidarity
  • Go through a Tour Operator
  • Running with your company

Registration is done directly on a new online platform,

How much does it cost to register for the Paris Marathon?

Several options are available for your participation in the Paris Marathon.

My Marathon race number My Unforgettable Marathon My Experience in Paris My 5 Star Marathon
from 04/12 to 04/30* 89€ 145€ 155€ 250€
from 09/04 to 12/03 109€ 165€ 175€ 270€
from 12/04 119€ 175€ 185€ 280€

*Limited to 15,000 bibs

My Marathon race number (basic package)

This pack includes:

  • a bib for the Paris Marathon 2019
  • guides and training plans
  • a connected preparation application
  • a runner gift
  • a finisher t-shirt
  • a finisher medal

My Unforgettable Marathon

This pack includes (in addition to the pack my Marathon Bib):

  • a ticket to the Pasta Party at the Running Room
  • a video of my race
  • a personalization of my medal with name, first name and time
  • an official poster of the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon

My experience in Paris

This pack includes (in addition to the pack my Marathon Bib):

  • a pass including 1 hour of cruise on the Seine and a day by panoramic bus in Paris
  • a bib for the Paris Breakfast Run (> Internal link)
  • a RATP pass that allows you to benefit from two days of unlimited transport in Paris

My 5 Star Marathon

This pack includes (in addition to the pack my Marathon Bib):

  • priority access to pick up my bib
  • access to the VIP area
  • a massage / recovery treatment after the race
  • a collector’s t-shirt
  • a souvenir gift
  • a photo album of my achievement
  • a personalization of my medal with name, first name and time
  • a RATP pass that allows you to benefit from two days of unlimited transport in Paris

Get your bib for the Paris Marathon

To collect your bib, simply go to the Running Expo located at Porte de Versailles (Hall 1 – Porte de Versailles – 75015 Paris, Métro : Porte de Versailles). Here are the offices:

  • Thursday, April 11 from 3pm to 9pm
  • Friday, April 12 from 10am to 9pm
  • Saturday, April 13 from 9am to 7pm

No bibs will be given out on Sunday, the day of the race. Bibs can be collected upon presentation of the registration confirmation, an identity document and the medical certificate.

The medical certificate of non-contraindication

The unlicensed runners must present a medical certificate of fitness for the practice of running, dated less than one year before the start of the marathon.

SAS and Departure Times

During your registration, you will determine a race objective (3h, 3h15, 3h30, 3h45, 4h, 4h15, 4h30 and more). Depending on this time, you will be given a coloured bib, and you will have access to your SAS with the same colour.

A cloakroom is at your disposal at the finish, avenue Foch, to allow you to run without cluttering your pockets. You will be able to pick up your belongings without any worries with your bib on arrival.


SAS Departure Time SAS Closing Time Recommended entry time
Disable Sports 8h06 / /
Elites Women 8h09 / /
Elites Men 8h25 / /
Preferred Elites 8h25 8h20 8h05
3h 8h27 8h20 8h05
3h15 8h32 8h20 8h05
3h30 8h40 8h25 8h10
3h45 9h 8h45 8h25
4h 9h20 9h05 8h50
4h15 9h45 9h30 9h15
4H30 9h55 9h40 9h25


Personal accident insurance

Individual accident insurance is optional but strongly recommended. It is proposed to be fully covered in the event of an accident during the Paris Marathon.

This insurance guarantees coverage for the athlete in the event that an accident occurs during the Paris Marathon, whether or not it is responsible, whether or not there is a third party.

Insurance cover extends from start to finish, and all along the Paris Marathon course. They allow you to receive compensation and full coverage in the event of an accident or death during the event.

Here is the individual insurance notice and bulletin as well as the certificate of designation of beneficiaries

Cancellation insurance

Insurance must be taken out by ticking the corresponding box on the registration form. It costs 12 euros. This allows the insured to refund their registration fees in the event of non-participation in the Paris 2019 marathon.

Here are the cases in which the insured is taken care of:

  • death, accident or illness of the insured participant,
  • death, accident or serious illness (requiring hospitalisation) of his spouse, an ascendant or descendant of the first degree occurring
  • within 30 days before the event,
  • visa refusal by the French authorities,
  • theft of identity documents within 48 hours of departure,
  • a court summons.

The insured must also meet compensation conditions. Any request for reimbursement from A.S.O. must be accompanied by an official document such as a medical certificate written in French, English or Spanish, dated no later than 5 April. The insured must notify A.S.O. of the cancellation of his participation and request compensation no later than 15 days after the marathon.

Here is the information notice on the contract guarantees

You are now ready to run the Paris Marathon !


Register to Race!

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